This is an experience of the Latin Culture in a fun and relaxed environment, with spontaneous body language, natural expressions connecting you with your conscience of the joy and happiness of the present. Trying to leave the mind with all the oppression and routines of every day and following your heart through the movement and rhythms developing a natural healing.


The aim of the Department of Integral Development Holistic Dance is that we can regenerate our bodies, bring beauty and balance our relations with everything around us through dance.

Share peace, joy, spontaneity, healing and act book dance as a tool for self-knowledge and liberation.

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Promote dance encounters aware integration, connecting with unity, equality and fraternity. Expanding physical, creative, social and spiritual expression.


A therapy designed to land the dancer who lives in every body, either in shape, size, expression or experience. Moving meditation is a practice that unifies the body, heart, mind and spirit is created. It is the essence of simplicity, and has the power to catalyze deep healing spontaneously, with a flow of creative expression in body language.




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